Innovation leaders and entrepreneurial experts

Vidar Andersen

Vidar Andersen is a Norwegian serial innovation venture entrepreneur, investor, educator and advisor to F100 corporations on innovation based in Cologne, Germany. He’s been an invited speaker at places like Stanford, Cambridge, SxSW, Web
Summit and LeWeb. In 2015, he was recognized by Wirtschafts Woche as one of the most important people in the German startup scene and was invited as keynote speaker at the London Intrapreneurship Conference on the topic of data- driven innovation and innovation metrics (KPIs).

Tristan Kromer

Tristan helps product teams go fast. As a lean startup coach, Tristan works with product teams and innovation leaders around the world to apply lean startup principles to teams and innovation ecosystems. Tristan designed lean startup programs such as the Build or Die Bootcamp for TechBA (Mexico) and the Lean Reactor (Belgium). He has worked with companies ranging from early stage startups to >$1B USD revenue (Swisscom, Pitney Bowes). Tristan regularly speaks and gives workshops with organizations such as the Stanford Center for Entrepreneurial Studies & D-school, General Electric (GE), and more.

Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya is the author of the bestseller “Running Lean: How to Iterate from Plan A to a plan that works” and “Scaling Lean: Mastering the Key Metrics for Startup Growth”. He is the creator of the one-page business modeling tool “Lean Canvas”.

Ash is well-known among entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs because of the practical and useful pieces of advice he gives about bussiness. With his “Lean Canvas”, he managed to develop a systematic methodology to increase the success rate of the product you’re building. As a business blogger, his posts have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and Fortune.

Andy Cars

Andy Cars is the founder of Lean Ventures International AB where he has worked with a diverse set of clients in different industries, including Telia, Tieto, BillerudKorsnäs, Philip Morris, Flir Systems, and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.

As an entrepreneur, Andy has experience from building four companies and selling three.

As a business coach and mentor to more than 200 startups, Andy has contributed to creating entrepreneurially driven enterprises worth several hundred million SEK.

Andy is also working towards developing the world’s first ISO-standard for Innovation Management (ISO 50500), which is planned for publication in the beginning of 2019.

In addition, Andy is also engaged by the EU-Commission to strengthen EUs innovation capabilities, and has a long-term cooperation with KTH Executive School as a visiting faculty member and workshop leader for innovation and intrapreneurship.

Andy has a magna cum laude MBA from the European University in Lisbon, an undergraduate in Change Management from the Open University Business School and is fluent in English, Swedish and German.

Andy has 20+ years of experience from working with and teaching entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the years he has held workshops for more than 1 000 participants averaging an NPS of 75, (which is considered world-class in this industry).