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    / About the workshop

    This workshop is designed especially for women working in innovation. The problem we are targeting: global underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurship, economic leadership and the technology sector.Our goal is to change perspectives and empower you  to be a changemaker, no matter who or where you are. 

    Women are seen as the largest untapped entrepreneurial and leadership potential in Europe. Representing 52% of the European population, only 34% of the women are self-employed. Only 5-15 % of high-tech business are owned by women. (EIT Europe)

    How can half of society not be represented in the development process of new products and services? It is also widely admitted that a more diverse ecosystem significantly improves the work environment, company and talent productivity.

    We need the female potential.

    The good news is that we can train female innovators to perform better, both at work and in their personal lives. All of these methods are science-backed. But you need to put in the work. Are you ready to literally get out of the building?

    Mind and Motivation
    Body and Brain
    = Power, Performance, Pleasure

    / You are dealing with

    We train you to uncover areas of growth, teach you the growth mindset and how to speak up to create lasting impact

    The top 3-5 CHALLENGES you’re likely facing: 

    – Dealing with internal politics

    – Overcoming resistance of the status quo which takes up a lot of energy

    – Staying positive in conversations

    – Being taken seriously 

    / You will learn

    We train you to uncover areas of growth, teach you the growth mindset and how to speak up to create lasting impact

    What you will do and develop:

    1) We will first look at your behavior and uncover areas of growth

    2) During this process you will learn how to become more aware of your underlying patterns and how your brain works

    3) You will also practice with concrete techniques to break patterns

    4) We will teach you how a growth mindset works and how you can actually achieve the goals you set

    5) You will experience how stress affects your performance, how you can learn to focus and how flow can help you

    6) You will learn what it takes for you to make more impact and speak up for yourself

    Not just a workshop

    Interactive Experience

    The workshops are interactive and practical. You work on your own projects.  Our online platform enables you to start before and continue learning after the workshop.

    Small Groups

    Our workshops have no more than 20 participants. There is enough time to help everyone out.

    Hands-on Expertise

    The workshop trainers have world-class experience as entrepreneur and advisor to large organisations.

    / This workshop is ideal for

    At public workshops, we welcome those who want to accelerate innovation in their organizations. We often see people in roles like:

    • Innovation Managers
    • Intrapreneurs
    • Product Managers
    • Business developers
    • Designers
    • Marketers
    • Consultants
    • Engineers
    • Educators and Learning Professionals

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    / Your Expert Floor Dehing-Schmeitz

    From early childhood on, I wanted to be rich. But not for the reasons you think. I wanted to feed the starving children I saw on television. I understood early on, that power resides where the money is.

    The ultimate goal: how can we, as humankind, evolve to something better?

    So I entered the business world with a deep rooted desire to create change. And my career took off. After a prestigious management traineeship, I worked in business development, consulting and innovation management. Working close to the Boardroom for years, I ended up as Director reporting directly to the CEO. But then everything changed.

    I became convinced that new forms of leadership are necessary in the businessworld. To make work more inclusive, to create better results and have more fun.

    My search led me to conscious leadership. Now I like to help people build a career where they celebrate authenticity, intuition and empathy.

    Leadership from the heart.

    I speak your language because I was you. I also immersed myself in how to solve the common challenges in organizations.

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