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Learn how to (not) kill innovation

Shaping the conditions and culture for successful innovation

You can have the best tools and processes, but if you do not have the skills and mindset in your teams these are worthless. In this course, you learn from leading practitioners about what traits and tactics make or break your innovation. We look beneath the surface and uncover what has been hidden for too long! 

Silicon Valley spirit and experience included:


Move from customer to people-centric

All too often Innovation ends up in frustration if not fostered, funneled, and finished in the right way. It requires a transformative – even radical – approach to innovate in an organization. Built on embracing design principles and quantitative insights to drive change, this discipline is the key to breaking with dusty old organizational habits and ushering in the new. Lean Innovation Manager is our practical training for innovation managers to learn from field experts how to successfully drive innovation in their organizations by working with a human-centric model. Establishing the conditions and culture for innovators in your organization to thrive and deliver more and faster impact. The training comprises of three levels: Basic, Expert, and Leader.

We show you the most overlooked and ignored success factors by innovation managers.  The key reasons why their projects are slow, and below expectations.

We show you what it really takes to be able to deliver impact. What goes wrong in most innovation programs, but you hardly hear off!

Learn new approaches, solve challenges and achieve results. Innovation is more important than ever before. As innovators, we are tasked to build “the new” and transform “the old” at the same time. That’s not an easy job: we need to do more, with less, faster.

This for you if...

* If you’ve finally run out of patience with bureaucratic bullshit . . .

* If you want to build an organization that can outrun change . . .

* If you’re committed to giving every team member the chance to learn, grow, and contribute . . .

The benefits

Boost your career and become an innovation leader

Engage and entice your stakeholders with real results

Never fail and take any hurdle with a growth mindset

What participants say

Our programs are endorsed by thought-leaders
like Dan Toma and Tendayi Viki .

"Extremely dense wealth of info and inspiration to tap into"

"Only killer, no filler"

"Already have actionable items to start with immediately"

Most organizations limit themselves in their growth potential. Limited by a static workforce and leadership system. Do you recognize this:


love to talk about innovation, but don’t walk the talk.
enjoy innovation trainings, but lack real impact on the job.
handles innovation not as job, but a hobby starting tomorrow.


Many leaders feel like they’re trapped in a hamster wheel and teams feel frustrated as they don’t seem to make an impact. Leaders do not provide enough trust to teams, and they are right. The reason: Innovation teams are often short in skills, capacity, and mindset. Innovators are right since they hardly have access to these resources and get demotivated. To solve these frictions we need to address the issues below the tip of the iceberg, and culture is at the core of that.

The program to transform to real innovation

In ‘Basic’ the participants learn about innovation on the micro-level (project implementation) and macro-level (control). Basis is the entry into our practical training for innovation managers and lays the foundation for building a deep understanding of innovation in companies.

Professional’ is structured as a coherent program and deepens four central areas of innovation work in the company. The prerequisite for participation in Professional is the module Basic’ or comparable expertise. We offer Professional only as a complete program, but the individual modules can be completed in any order. Each module is structured as follows: training (1 day), follow-up mission, Q&A session (90 min).

The Seven Elements of Innovation Culture

1. Customer centricity: Understanding and prioritizing the needs of customers rather than focusing on products or profit.

2. Ecosystem focus: Prioritizing the well-being of the entire multiorganizational system and not just the company.

3. Analytical orientation: Fully embracing the power of data and analytics in decision-making rather than relying only on experience or judgment.

4. Collaborative reflex: Proactively engaging in cross-organizational collaboration and teamwork rather than working in silos.

5. Bias to action: Valuing speed, not risk minimization, over perfection.

6. Learning mindset: Engaging in experimentation and rapid learning.

7. Leader as enabler: Empowering and energizing people while holding them accountable.

source: MIT Sloan



  This expedition provides for a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the leading innovation teams. You will be equipped to create the best mix out of tools in order to design the optimal innovation culture for any challenge at hand.


2 days
100% virtual (self-paced + live sessions)
Flexible (recorded live sessions)

Launch offer 

990,00BOOK NOW


Know what type of innovation project and runway to select.

Know how to plan and schedule an innovation project.

Understand who to engage when, and how to deliver impact

Identify and grow the entrepreneurial mindset to better cope with setbacks and stay future-focused


Run innovation projects in a corporate with more ease

understand that innovation is hard (if it is not it wouldn’t be innovation). But you know exactly how to make the experience better.

Embrace the mindset you need to feel valued

Orchestrate your project so it will not fail

Ideal for:

  • People who are planning to lead their first innovation project.
  • Executives who take on a position where they must lead a portfolio of projects.
  • Innovation managers & interdisciplinary innovation teams

This training will take place in 2021 on:

November 8th – 12th;  2-3 hours in the mornings.

Flexibility is particularly important to us. Therefore, the entire practical training takes place virtually. The individual modules are carried out by our innovation coaches using video conferencing tools. This creates an interactive learning environment in which the exchange among each other is not neglected.



During this journey, you build mastery in leading and developing innovation strategies, institutionalising innovation management with the accompanying culture and mindset, and steering innovation action geared towards achieving concrete results.


5 days
100% virtual
Flexible (recorded sessions)

Launch offer 

2.990,00BOOK NOW


Know how to build and grow strong innovation teams

Design and lead a strategic innovation programme (Portfolio management)

Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and culture

Design and test structures and processes for continuous innovation

  Design and test a strategic corporate Innovation Ecosystem

  Track performance and Impact through innovation accounting

 Effective leadership & stakeholder management


Your first innovation thesis, strategy and portfolio

Your innovation accounting framework

Build roles and workflows for innovation teams

Ideal for:

  • People who are planning to lead their first innovation project.
  • Executives who take on a position where they must lead a portfolio of projects.
  • Innovation managers & interdisciplinary innovation teams

This training will take place in 2021 on:

November 12th, 19th, and 26th
December 2nd and 9th.

Flexibility is particularly important to us. Therefore, the entire practical training takes place virtually. The individual modules are carried out by our innovation coaches using video conferencing tools. This creates an interactive learning environment in which the exchange among each other is not neglected.


Your weekly learning and innovation cycle


Your weekly learning and innovation cycle


You’ve attended lots of conferences already. And read all the books.

But ask yourself this: has anyone ever really helped you with a practical example? Giving you personal advice on your blind spots?

An expert who has been working with hundreds of companies on this? Who knows the pitfalls, most made mistakes?

We thought so. It is time to become a master in innovation management and we can help you out.

We are innovators, we know what you’re living through. We do not believe in just sharing theory, but the hard real-life learning. Based on this mastery we help you to apply the right tools, techniques, strategies, and frameworks and master the essentials of innovation yourself.

What we are going to teach you, has helped our clients get 1 mio additional funding within 2 months.

And of course, we also learned this the hard way.
We were not an overnight success.

It is our decades of experience and the number of companies we’ve helped that helped us truly understand how stakeholder management works. How it is done.

We have fallen on our face (several times).
We have learned.
And iterated.
And learned some more.
And this course is the result.

This is what we are NOT going to teach you. 


You are NOT going to get another canvas (do we really need more?). Instead we are going to talk about the nitty gritty details. What to do  in your everyday workday to make a difference. 


This is also not a videocourse containing 25 hours of video materials. You are going to work with us directly, benefiting from our experience and many case studies.  Guess no one told you about the real learning impact video courses have?


Go from “no one understands what I am doing” to “I know exactly what it takes to get supported”.

We will not teach you another canvas, but we go deep into the topic of great innovation management.

From our decade-long experience, we know this makes the biggest difference. That is why we picked this topic to help you with.

We can save you a lot of time, frustration, and experimental moves. All by teaching you our knowledge of innovation management.

We know it is too little about boots on the ground. Most decisions are not in the hand of innovators, but their leaders. So let us help you get exactly the outcome you want.

Save time
and frustration



We work with a proven method that has taken us years to develop. And we are going to share all our best practices with you.

* STEP 1: From good to great innovation management
We dive in immediately: no long theoretical conversations or new models. We know that every great innovation project starts with expectation management. This is about learning to speak the same language, communicating the right goals in the right way (and how to NOT do this).

We guarantee aha-moments. Not because our content is earth-shattering new. But because you recognize your own struggles and get a solution for your problems.

* STEP 2: Advanced 
We show you how to set your goals and a project framework that is required for success. You get to work on your project with our support. At the end of this step, you will have a system to show your stakeholders the value of innovation.

* STEP 3: Ensuring accountability
Without showing that you actually deliver on your promises, it will be hard to get recognition. Getting noticed is your responsibility. It is too easy to wait for other people to see what you do. Make them! We will give you concrete tools and techniques to get this done.

We partner with :

Your booster options


Vidar Andersen


Vidar is an award winning startup founder, digital innovation veteran and entrepreneurship educator Vidar Andersen.

As the co-founder of the highly successful enterprise content management system Plone, which users include The FBI, The CIA, NASA JPL and other of his work has been featured and recognised around the world by the likes of New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch, and Die Welt.

As an educator and speaker on startup entrepreneurship and digitalisation he has been invited to teach and speak at institutes Stanford, Cambridge, University of Cologne, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Maastricht University.

Because of his +15 years of professional experience helping large international corporations and organizations like Statoil, TeeKay Shipping, Shell, Esso, Exxon, T-Mobile International, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, The Royal Norwegian Government, The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research innovate and digitise processes, he quickly realised that the Lean Startup methodologies and best practices from the startup world was also highly applicable to the corporate world.

Applying his first-hand experience from both sides of the table, he started researching the best practices from the venture capital and startup world, adapting them to a corporate innovation setting, fine-tuning what worked and what didn't by running experiments, trying out different forms and versions of new innovation programs together with customers.

Rob Aalders


After working in banking and government, Rob launched several innovation ventures. He was involved in the funding and coaching of dozens of startups and companies before starting his own company. He worked with several Fortune 500 companies on strategic investments. For over 20 years, Rob has helped large enterprises, startup communities, and startups to grow faster.