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Set your goals, choose your methods, work your magic.

Business method toolkit for agile, team-based projects


Detailed task-based descriptions help teams divide and assign tasks between team members. This makes the Business method toolkit perfect for lean, agile environments and multidisciplinary teams. Use the Business Method Toolkit in combination with the Design Method Toolkit to profit from the entire iteration cycle.
Select Execute 
Strategy Impact 
In business there is a constant flow between long and short term actions. Iterating on strategy influences the execution of the business. Monitoring impact gives input to build strategy upon. These methods are divided in methods to create Strategy and methods to monitor Impact.
Strategy focuses on a long term view and future decisions. The results of the strategy methods will give you insights on fundamental rules and directions for your business.
The Impact methods focus on smaller and iterative steps to execute and monitor your strategy. The output of the Impact methods can used as input for new strategy and makes the business output tangible.

Market & Customers 

Define your challenge’s vision, objectives, scenarios, scopes and constraints. Ask yourself questions that relate to the why, what and who of your challenge and sense what trends, opportunities and possible constraints might affect it in the process.

Organization & Culture 

Who supports the product or service? Build a team, manage resources and time. Enhance communication and customer loyalty by building a company culture and a brand.

Products & Services 

What is your product or service and what is its value for a customer? Define your value proposition, unique selling points and get expert opinions to generate and improve your vision.

Stakeholders & Money 

Who is involved and how should you handle resources? Manage your stakeholders, understand their drive and plan your expenditure. Evaluate your performance, costs and incomes.

Sales & Distribution

How will you sell your product or service? Define your selling process, pricing and positioning. Find suppliers and distributors and monitor your relation and their performance.