Launch new products and create new markets with startup tools

The workshop not to miss. Learn from the leading European experts and get to know all about Lean Startup, Customer Development, Business Model Engineering and much more...

Being an entrepreneur is learned by practice, not in books.

Learn Lean Startup with a minimum of theory and maximum practice. What you will learn is immediately actionable on your project.

90% of startups fail because they do not build the right product.

So how do you know what to build? Simply by listening to your future customers and discovering their needs, problems and what really motivates them.

For that, you will have to master the delicate art of the customer interview, resist the temptation to sell them your idea and concentrate on their problems. As a qualitative tool for understanding your market, the customer interview is an essential exploration technique if you do not want to build something that nobody wants.

The topics we cover

To understand your customers, start by listening better. Guided by the coaches of Lean Startup Experience, you will learn, discover the needs of your customers by asking them the right questions.

Design Thinking

Learn to understand the real needs and pains of customers with the help of business empathy

Customer Development

Learn to interview with customers and find out what they will pay for

Business Model Canvas

Learn how to create innovative business models and develop new markets.

Agile-cultuur + Scrum

Learn the flexibility and speed when launching new projects and learn how to develop agile culture


Transform and "innovate" in the company systematically and with a new concept of leadership

Lean Startup

Practice of the most popular approach to launching innovations and new products in the world

What you will get out of this:

As a team :

  • Learn the interviewing techniques to probe your customers and understand their needs.
  • Put these techniques directly into practice on your project.
  • Learn how to test a first version of your offer in a rigorous and tangible way
  • Win your first customers.

Concretely you will know:

  • identify your customers; Qualify and validate their needs
  • perform relevant problem interviews
  • develop a testable offer prototype, your value proposition
  • know how to rotate your project if necessary
  • learn to generate learning from collected data
  • to move from an idea to a testable business model

Why should I participate?

When innovation stays in the drawer and is a voluntary job

When innovation is slow and hard

When innovation is limited to a handful of projects and people

When you want to manage innovation and turn it into a process

When you want to take innovation out of fuzziness and bullshit.

When you want to feel confident in running innovation projects

When management does not understand the value of innovation

When you do not know where start to develop a culture that drives innovation forward.

When bureaucracy and installed systems are a real challenge and you need tactics to make innovation happen anyway

Who should attend?

This training is for people involved in the development of new products and services; it will also be suitable for anyone wishing to discover other ways to achieve concrete results, especially for the definition of innovative products.

Start-up Teams
Innovation Manager
Innovation Leads
Marketing Product Manager
Product Owner / Manager

Workshop agenda


Project pitch and team building

Define your client's specific challenge and build your team

How to succeed in customer interviews

Interviews, group feedback & returns by project

Coaching by project, debrief and lessons learned

Put the tools to use in practice and learn on the job

Creating your value proposition

Based on the interviews you will define the value propositions and test your it with customers. Learn how to measure and analyze results.

Connect and change experiences

No need to believe us, look at the video of the participants and read their feedback:

"Excellent day, intense, lots of practice and situation. Meeting with coaches and motivated people. "

- Nicolas Déve, CEO Heappi

"Very pro and at the same time nice"

- Karine Sacepe, Innovation Management, BPI Group

"Thank you for this very" contributive "day to my project"

- Mathilde Le Roy CEO Kazoart

"The day has come to an end."

- John Gridley Co-Founder, Board Member at BioSignal

Your trainer

Franck Debane

Franck Debane has lived and worked extensively in the Silicon Valley, London and Paris. Engineering by training he has co-founded 2 startups (one acquired) and worked for large companies such as AOL and the BBC. He mentors startups founders and helps big corporates come out with innovative solutions by applying Lean Startup principles. Franck co-founded Tango, with the mission to inject the entrepreneurial spirit into teams to help them work differently and get everyone to succeed faster. Franck is also and co-founder of the Lean Startup Experience, a 8000+ Lean Startup practitioner community in France

Franck Debane


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