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    / About the workshop

    In the intervention design workshop we put imagination in the center. You create a story of the future and design and test the opportunities. It is like you writing Star Trek, but more focused, like a sequence of the movie. In the time Star Trek was produced, this was visionary and futuristic.

    Intervention design is based on Speculative design, a design method addressing big societal problems and looking towards the future—and creating products and services for those scenarios. Today, technology and society are changing rapidly. We have a difficult time catching up. Current models and ways of thinking aren’t capable of explaining the changes that are taking place.

    Instead of taking refuge in proven concepts, we need to seek for new ideas and practices that are in tune with the chaos and acceleration of our time. Not only focussing on identifying problems of today, but focussing on tomorrow’s opportunity and its impact on society. The goal of intervention design is designing a new practice that is useful now, not in the future. Like all things design, the concept is a little more complex than it sounds.

    Intervention design is great if your challenges are:
    1. Hard to identify real opportunities
    2. Difficulties to working from the future back to the now
    3. Having a story around the product

    / You will learn

    Where typical design takes a look at small issues, speculative design broadens the scope and tries to tackle the biggest issues in society. Intervention Design offers a better and faster way to identify and explore opportunities.

    It does not start in the Now and the current problems people face. It focuses on chances of not yet identified opportunities and problems. It can be hard to imagine future solutions. Star Trek inspired many innovations of today. You get to create your Start Trek story and belonging artefacts. It seeks to answer questions like:

    How should design impact the entire world?
    How can we design for a healthier ecosystem?
    What can we do to influence future cultures?
    How can future technologies impact our products and services—and vice versa?
    What don’t we want to see from the future?

    You will learn:

    1. How to identify future opportunities
    2. How to create a story around the opportunity
    3. How to design this opportunity
    4. How to test and iterate on the opportunity

    Not just a workshop

    Interactive Experience

    The workshops are interactive and practical. You work on your own projects.  Our online platform enables you to start before and continue learning after the workshop.

    Small Groups

    Our workshops have no more than 20 participants. There is enough time to help everyone out.

    Hands-on Expertise

    The workshop trainers have world-class experience as entrepreneur and advisor to large organisations.

    / This workshop is ideal for

    At public workshops, we welcome those who want to accelerate innovation in their organizations. We often see people in roles like:

    • Innovation Managers
    • Intrapreneurs
    • Product Managers
    • Business developers
    • Designers
    • Marketers
    • Consultants
    • Engineers
    • Educators and Learning Professionals

    / Start learning today

    / Your Expert Theo Ploeg

    dedicated accelerationist. design and media sociologist. tells stories of possible futures. lives happily in the extreme now. researches, writes and teaches. loves cats, pop culture, design and media. lives in the old heart of europe: anticity heerlen.

    investigates the theory and praxis of living in an accelerating world at studio hyperspace.

    ambassador speculative design at Digital Society School.

    co-founder of FRNKFRT, webzine for pop, media and culture critique. writes irregularly for Gonzo (circus), and occasionally for other media.

    teaches at iARTS and Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology (MAMDT).

    I have created this approach based on years of working in design and entrepreneurship

    Theo Ploeg


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