Dutch agency Startup Spirit closes partnership deal with French innovation giant

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The Dutch agency Startup Spirit has closed a partnership deal with French innovation and startup giant NUMA. Startup Spirit will develop an Advanced Lean Startup Training, together with innovation expert Tristan Kromer. Startup Spirit is an agency that focuses on developing innovation projects within corporate and startup organizations. It offers training programmes and workshops, organizes events and offers a global network of innovation and startup experts to corporates. Startup Spirit is based in Heerlen, in the South of The Netherlands, nearby German cities Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf and the Belgian capital Brussels.


NUMA is a leading and worldwide organization, when it comes to stimulating innovation within corporates and championing startup culture. NUMA offers workshop and training programmes, supports startups in developing businesses and creates programmes that lead to new products and businesses. Amongst NUMA’s clients are large companies, such as General Electric, Pernod Ricard, World Bank Group and Total. The company has French roots, but is now situated at 8 locations across 4 continents.


Last year, Startup Spirit and NUMA already successfully partnered for the organization of a Advanced Lean Startup workshop. “We are very proud of this partnership with NUMA”, says Startup Spirit founder Rob Aalders. “NUMA is a big, international player, with locations in Paris, Barcelona, Moscow and Bangalore. They have an impressive track record in the world of innovation and startup culture. We will now work for the second time with NUMA on this Advanced Lean Startup training, which feels as the ultimate recognition for Startup Spirit and everything we stand for.”


The Advanced Lean Startup Training will take place on October 11 and 12, in Paris, France. The training gives corporate organizations the chance to learn how to integrate the lean startup philosophy in their daily business. Focus lies on creating lasting value from working with the lean startup method and creating more impact of innovation in the company. Tristan Kromer will lead the training. He is a very experienced Silicon Valley ‘veteran’, with a long and successful track-record in helping companies innovate their businesses and products. Kromer has worked for clients like Disney, Fujitsu, Stanford Business School and Swisscom.


Find more info on NUMA here.


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