Coaching is hands-on support to empower you in your daily innovation challenges. The coach will challenge your thinking to open future growth opportunities on operational, tactical and strategical level.  New knowledge is transformed into practical skills. Your coach will push through the status quo by bringing your team energy, creativity, and a startup spirit.

Startup Spirit offers three different kinds of coach support.

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Coaching services
- Find Coach
- Team Coaching
- Incubation as a Service

Not technology, but the human skills and mindset will drive growth

# Find your coach


Experienced innovation coaches can be hard to find. Finding the right innovation coaches is even a bigger challenge!

Startup Spirit has teamed up with the best coaches and is helping you in accelerating and improving innovation projects and programs.

At Startup Spirit we have access to an international pool of experienced coaches that will help you make your innovation projects a great success. We don’t want to find just any coach, we want to find the right coach that perfectly fits your needs. That’s why our pool exists of world wide experts as well as Dutch masters.

Contact us to make a perfect match. Our coaches are talented speakers as well!

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# Train your team

Training & Workshop

We train on tools and methods to give your employees the skills to innovate. You can read books and articles or start figuring out everything yourself. There are many ways to apply innovation methods and there are many pitfalls one can avoid. Learn from experienced innovators to improve your skills.

We offer several training & workshops between 1 and 3 days:

  • Lean Startup (basic and advanced)
  • Corporate Innovation – how to innovate in complex environments
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Governance
  • Lean Metrics

All our training & workshops are carried out by the most experienced experts. Ideally we work with a group of 5 to 15 people. We offer open and in-company workshops, for in-company workshops, contact us.

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# Develop your team

Commitment from us to your team

We coach teams to help them check their assumptions faster with Lean Startup. We are entrepreneurs to serve your company and your products. New or existing. If you have formed an innovation team working on a new product, we can support it for a period of 3 to 6 months, 1 to 2 days a week, on site and online.

We have created an online learning platform to support your team 24/7 and help them reach their learning goals. Here you can find curated content and suggested items.

We help teams to:

  • Apply the Lean Startup methodology in the right way
  • Boost boldness and creativity
  • Ensure that the users are understood
  • Identify the right hypotheses
  • Create the right product

The added value:

  • The right product, faster
  • Reduction of waste
  • Online learning platform for personal development
  • Empowerment of the team on the methodology
  • Members can play the role of coach themselves afterwards
  • Thinking about innovation and work differently
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# Incubation as service

Be part of an ecosystem


Innovation is done best in close collaboration with all players in the ecosystem. Through the years we have build an extensive network in the startup and tech community. To start fast or to improve your innovation efforts, we have created an incubation-as-a-service. We create programs for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Being part of entrepreneurial ecosystems will put you in front of the competition. To stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry requires intensive cross-border collaboration among incubation programs, corporations, and innovation agencies. Startup Spirit can you offer real connections as we are embedded in the ecosystem from the early days on.

Our programs are designed to catalyze impactful collaborations. Participants will not only be part of an incubation program, but engage in networking events and matchmaking activities designed to find commonalities in their ecosystems. They will discuss and analyze corporate-incubation program partnership best-practices, sponsorship opportunities, future trends, challenges and opportunities, and make lasting connections with like-mined organizations.

We have created an online learning platform to support your team 24/7 and help them reach their learning goals. Here you can find curated content and suggested items.

We help organizations to:

  • Rapidly start a hight impact innovation program
  • Create an program that is rooted and embedded in the startup ecosystem
  • Bring the Startup Spirit in your business. A mindset and culture that only entrepreneurs and startup founders can bring forward.
  • Find startups and talent that fit with your company’s processes, systems and culture. Filtering the right startups is a difficult and time consuming job.
  • Get direct access to the best digital innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Gain early access to the latest trends and technologies
  • Design impactful pilots and partnerships

The added value:

  • Do not waste time, building a network and relationships takes years.
  • Culture is the key to fast and impactful innovation, bring the Startup Spirit in!
  • Work and co-create with us and startups, this is Open Innovation 3.0
  • Be on top of the latest technologies and talent
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