Coaching is hands-on support to empower you in your daily innovation challenges. The coach will challenge your thinking to open future growth opportunities on operational, tactical and strategical level.  New knowledge is transformed into practical skills. Your coach will push through the status quo by bringing your team energy, creativity, and a startup spirit.

Startup Spirit offers five different kinds of coach support.

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- Founder Coaching
- Find Coach
- Team Coaching
- Incubation as a Service

Not technology, but the human skills and mindset will drive growth

# Find your coach


You probably experience this as well, just like most innovators you are coping with resistance. You feel misunderstood and people are blocking your impactful projects. Most innovators are frustrated and prone to burn-out. Some see it coming, most not. Not taking care of this costs companies an enormous amount of talent that puts their much-needed talent elsewhere. Also, you can save innovators from getting into months of unnecessary sick-leave. Driving innovation forward needs more than just training.

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Connect with your innovation coach

For innovators, we identified the areas that determine the success of innovators. These are emotional resilience, stress and energy management and dealing with internal politics.

Your team needs to level up their game in order to increase their performance. Startup Spirit has teamed up with the best coaches to train your team in behavioral change.

No powerpoint, no drifting off at the back of the room. At Startup Spirit we create exciting, experiential learning environments that empower people to safely explore their potential.


Do you recognize this? Then we can help you.

  • Does your team crack under pressure? We can teach them how to maintain composed and face adversity with resolve and confidence
  •  Do they act decisively and proactively tackle challenging situations? When faced with internal politics, it is easy to get overwhelmed by emotions. We can teach them how to take back control.
  • Are your team members tired and frustrated? Energy management is a skill you can learn. So let’s do that.

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