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The only way to innovate within a corporate is if everyone understands the new ecosystem.

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    Dan Toma

    * How your innovation can survive *

    An interactive workshop with eye-opening insights, hands-on exercises, and peer interaction.

    You will learn to succeed with your innovation by:

    • Structuring and sustaining innovation programs
    • Building a culture of innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and skills
    • Innovation management, funding and metrics
    • Leadership buy-in and organisational alignment
    • Digital transformation and organisational effectiveness

    Silicon Valley Expertise

    The workshop trainers have world-class experience as entrepreneurs and advisors to large organisations.

    Small Groups

    Our workshops have no more than 20 participants. There is enough time to help everyone out.


    The workshops are interactive and practical. You work on real projects.  After the workshop you’ll be able to gain more insights from your trainer.

    We all know where the real challenge is: a lean startup initiative will be eaten alive by functional silos, policies and systems of past successes, in almost any company.

    Building a Lean Innovation Ecosystem has a clear purpose: it’s about the entire organisation, re-imagined and re-designed, to maximise innovation flow so that everyone is collaborating in the creation of value within focused teams, just like startups do.

    The Corporate Startup workshop is a one-day workshop by Dan Toma, co-author of The Corporate Startup book.

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    The Corporate Startup book by Dan Toma, Tendayi Viki and Esther Gons

    “The only way to innovate within a corporate environment is if everybody understands the new ecosystem.”

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     The Corporate Startup workshop


    The one-day workshop is specifically designed for enterprises wishing to or currently working with innovation projects. We will cover:

    • The Corporate Startup, startups and lean innovation ecosystems
    • The design of lean innovation ecosystems


    Other highlights are the core ecosystem design and corporate startup tools and methods. We will focus on how ecosystem design in your corporate environment can impact innovation more effectively.

    These are some of the topics we cover: 
    • Risk vs. uncertainty
    • Identify the barriers in the organisation from a lean project perspective
    • Introduce and analyse the core components of The Corporate Startup: Innovation Thesis, Innovation strategy, Ecosystem Design and Community & Culture
    • How to turn lessons from lean projects into an organisational change (tactics)
    • We continue analysing elements of attendee ecosystems and where their strengths and weaknesses are
    • How can we take the work we have done in analysing our strengths and weaknesses into a real plan of action?
    • How can we involve and act in the external ecosystem? In what way will and can startups cooperate with a company?
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    * Not just another workshop *

    You don’t simply enter a room and leave, you embark on an enjoyable experience

    You will get:

    • Access to the online learning platform
    • A free copy of the book
    • An expert trainer with real-world experience
    • A thought-leader and frequently requested speaker


    This workshop is a one-day program on how to implement an Innovation Ecosystem in your organisation. We will use The Corporate Startup book as a guide for this method. How ecosystem design in your corporate environment can impact innovation more effectively is key in this workshop.


    We are fine-tuning the details of the workshop. Drop your email address below and we will update you accordingly.

      Speakers & trainers

      Dan Toma

      Co-author The Corporate Startup

      Dan comes from an entrepreneurial background. He has been involved with technology startups across the world is co-author of The Corporate Startup. He has worked with several multinationals. A big proponent of the ecosystem approach to innovation, Dan has also worked with various government bodies, in Asia and Europe, helping developing national innovation ecosystems and implement national innovation strategies. The work experience gathered from the public and private sector makes him an expert on the subject of corporate startup and ecosystem design.

      Rob Aalders

      Co-organizer and founder Startup Spirit

      After working in banking and goverment, Rob launched several innovation ventures. He was involved in the funding and coaching of dozens of startups and companies before starting his own company. He has also worked with several Fortune 500 companies on strategic investments.

      For over three years, has been Rob supporting large enterprises, startup communities and startups to grow faster.

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