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This is the #1 skill, and most underrated, you need to make your innovation project a success and be valued for your passion, drive, and work. This is about what makes or breaks an innovation culture.

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You are convinced that your innovation project is exactly what your organisation needs.

But how do you ensure that key stakeholders know what you are doing? And… give you the support you need?

    • You are an innovation manager ready to change the world, starting with the project. You are going to shake up your company and make it more valuable in the future. The only thing you still need is to claim success. So why isn’t anyone paying attention?
    • Your project needs to show that it will be able to deliver. Big time. But you cannot do that alone! You need support and play the internal politics game. And that is difficult.
    • Maybe you are all set to go. You’ve done all the planning, prepared the presentation, now it is time to go big! But no one is really noticing or willing to help with funding. You need to shake things up. Get people excited and the buy-in you need.

What you can expect

Finally, get the support and recognition for your innovation project by becoming a master in stakeholder management.

This is what you will get to obtain people excited and the buy-in you need.

Small group training

*  2 group sessions you will learn the 3 key strategies

Get a grip on your innovation culture

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The benefits

Boost your career and become an innovation leader

Engage and entice your stakeholders with real results

Never fail and take any hurdle with a growth mindset

What participants say

Watch what thought-leaders Dan Toma
and Tendayi Viki have to say.

"Extremely dense wealth of info and inspiration to tap into"

"Only killer, no filler"

"Already have actionable items to start with immediately"

What can you do after this course?

This class is ideal for innovation professionals, product managers, and product owners.


Know how to act with confidence and get stakeholders engaged and involved

Know what it takes to get the project high on the corporate agenda

Understand how to make impact and who to engage when


Run innovation projects in a corporate with more ease

understand that innovation is hard (if it is not it wouldn’t be innovation). But you know exactly how to make the experience better.

Embrace the mindset you need to feel valued



You’ve attended lots of conferences already. And read all the books.

But ask yourself this: has anyone ever really helped you with a practical example? Giving you personal advice on your blind spots?

An expert who has been working with hundreds of companies on this? Who knows the pitfalls, most made mistakes?

We thought so. It is time to become a master in stakeholder management and we can help you out.

And finally, be recognized for your great work. Get support for your innovation project and funding.

We are innovators, we know what you’re living through. We do not believe in just sharing theory, but the hard real-life learning. Based on this mastery we help you to apply the right tools, techniques, strategies, and frameworks and master the essentials of innovation yourself.

What we are going to teach you, has helped our client get 1 mio additional funding within 2 months.

And of course, we also learned this the hard way.
We were not an overnight success.

It is our decades of experience and the number of companies we’ve helped that helped us truly understand how stakeholder management works. How it is done.

We have fallen on our face (several times).
We have learned.
And iterated.
And learned some more.
And this course is the result.

This is what we are NOT going to teach you. 


You are NOT going to get another canvas (do we really need more?). Instead we are going to talk about the nitty gritty details. What to do  in your everyday workday to make a difference. 


This is also not a videocourse containing 25 hours of video materials. You are going to work with us directly, benefiting from our experience and many case studies.  


Go from “no one understands what I am doing” to “I know exactly what it takes to get supported”.

We will not teach you another canvas, but we go deep into the topic of great stakeholder management. 

From our decade-long experience, we know this makes the biggest difference. That is why we picked this topic to help you with.  

We can save you a lot of time, frustration, and experimental moves. All by teaching you our knowledge of stakeholder management.

We know it is too little about boots on the ground. Most decisions are not in the hand of innovators, but their leaders. So let us help you get exactly the outcome you want.

Save time
and frustration



We work with a proven method that has taken us years to develop. And we are going to share all our best practices with you.

* STEP 1: From good to great expectation management
We dive in immediately: no long theoretical conversations or new models. We know that every great innovation project starts with expectation management. This is about learning to speak the same language, communicating the right goals in the right way (and how to NOT do this).

We guarantee aha-moments. Not because our content is earth-shattering new. But because you recognize your own struggles and get a solution for your problems.

* STEP 2: Advanced stakeholder mapping
We show you how to make a map of your stakeholders, your goals and what is needed for success. Then we get to work. At the end of this step, you will have your internal ecosystem fully visualized.

* STEP 3: Ensuring accountability
Without showing that you actually deliver on your promises, it will be hard to get recognition. Getting noticed is your responsibility. It is too easy to wait for other people to see what you do. Make them!
We will give you concrete tools and techniques to get this done.

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What the industry’s thought-leaders say

What Dan Toma (Author Corporate Startup) says

What Tendayi Viki (Strategyzer, Author Corporate Startup) says


We won’t lie: this is a steal. Because it took us years (literally) to get to this level of detail! But we also want to make this accessible to innovators. Because we want you to be successful. ⁠


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Manuel Guerrera


Manuel is part of Kromatic and worked closely with Tristan Kromer in designing Lean Enterprise transformation ecosystems for large and complex organisations. Manuel is an experienced facilitator of Innovation workshops with corporate leadership and teams. He teaches Lean Startup / Design Thinking to teams of corporate entrepreneurs. Manuel spends his time with Fortune 500 companies as well as small startups in multiple industries and regions of the world (e.g. Asia, Europe and US) using the mindset and principles of Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation to help leaders and teams to change, transform or improve the way they do business.

Rob Aalders


After working in banking and government, Rob launched several innovation ventures. He was involved in the funding and coaching of dozens of startups and companies before starting his own company. He worked with several Fortune 500 companies on strategic investments. For over 20 years, Rob has helped large enterprises, startup communities, and startups to grow faster.