Learn 3 essential startups skills in 3 days

3 sessions physical and online

The key skills for startups and innovation projects are: Deeply understanding your customer (Customer Development), find the best ways to reach your customers (Growth Hacking) and now how to gain the excitement of client and investor (Pitching).

This program is only for businesses located in Parkstad (Heerlen e.o.) and Aachen (Städteregion)

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If you are working on launching any new product, these three skills are probably the most critical. Though, people tend to forget why and how to do this right.

The core reasons innovations and startups fail can be found in missing the real point in what clients need, reaching your audience, and having a clear and understandable message.

In 3 workshops we offer you to get to know the fundamental basics. The methods we teach at leading startups programs and corporate innovation programs.

These workshops are sponsored by Parkstad Limburg to promote crossborder digital business and entrepreneurship.

What you can expect

Finally, you get the opportunity to access workshops that:

Are not delivered in the region

*  Are too expensive

Connect you with local players

The benefits

Boost your innovation or startup

Connect and engage with your customers

Tell a great story and excite your audience

What participants say

"Extremely dense wealth of info and inspiration to tap into"

"Only killer, no filler"

"Already have actionable items to start with immediately"

What can you do after these workshops?

This class is ideal for everyone willing to learn future skills. Those that want to become more innovative, creative and effective.


Customer Development is about solving the right problems for customers before solving them right. Most of us jump too quickly into the solution as we love the idea. We miss out on really deeply understanding our customers.

But how do you know? Most customers don’t even know themselves? Customer Development is the way to reduce mistakes in this phase. It contains and overlaps with Design Thinking practices. This workshop makes sense for everyone dealing with customers.


How to find problems that really matter

How to talk to customers

What makes or breaks new products


Design Customer Personas and Jobs to be Done

Customer Journey Mapping

Value Proposition and Lean Canvas


Growth Hacking is about reaching your audience and turning them into customers. One of the key benefits of growth hacking is that it is a holistic methodology, looking at the complete customer journey while using the smartest digital tools.

Growth Hacking is a fresh way to look at your marketing and sales. You will gain insights into how to do design effective stepwise funnels. You learn what is currently missing in your marketing and sales.


Basics of Growth Hacking

The stages of effective Growth Hacking.

Tools and examples of Growth Hacking

Value based marketing and sales


Create your Growth Hack Map

Ways to execute your Growth Hacking

The keys reasons that make or break your Growth Hacking


Pitching is about telling a convincing story. The Pitch is not only the pitch you see on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank. There are multiple ways to gain the interest of potential customers, investors, and partners.

Pitching teaches you to tell your story in a refreshing way that resonates with your audience. Finding the right issue and words to get people to love your brand.


The elements of every great pitch and the hero’s journey

What resonates with your audience

Know how to gain confidence in pitching


Build one type of Pitch Deck

The key elements of story telling

What makes or break your pitch

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// Get the essential startup skills now

You can only participate if you are located in Parkstad or Städteregion Aachen!

The workshops include:

  • access to online resources
  • getting to know Germany’s most vibrant and successful digital and startup community
  • Food and drinks


If you are :

  • Startup
  • Member of Digitalhub Aachen

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1. Growth Hacking

1 session live & online workshop
price excl. VAT

Date: May 16th 2022 (13-17)
Location: Digitalhub Aachen


2. Customer Development

1 session live & online workshop
price excl. VAT

Date: May 19th 2022 (13-17)
Location : Mijnwerk Heerlen


3. Pitching

1 session live & online workshop
price excl. VAT

Date: May 20th 2022 (9-13)!
Location: Mijnwerk Heerlen


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