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Coming to London, March 1st-2nd 2018

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‘I can attest that Tristan knows his stuff, and is a great teacher. Definitely attend!’

Garret Dunham – Silicon Valley entrepreneur, speaker, startup advisor

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Official ambassador of the European Lean Startup Summit

Unlock critical innovation skills

Do you want to pick up skills that enable you to innovate faster? A creative and strategic boost will make innovation less of a struggle and more of an enjoyable experience.
The Advanced Lean Startup is a two-day workshop by Tristan Kromer, an international expert from San Fransisco, USA. This workshop is carefully designed for those who are looking for greater substance by learning practical ways of innovating better and faster.
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  • 3x faster innovation

  • Half the costs

  • Startup Culture

Silicon Valley Expertise

The workshop trainers have world-class experience as entrepreneurs and advisors to large organisations.

Small Groups

Our workshops have no more than 20 participants. There is enough time to help everyone out.

Practical and interactive

 You work on real projects in the room. Before and after the workshop you’ll gain more knowledge on our online learning platform.

Why follow this workshop?

Find out:

  • How your organisation can implement a structured innovation methodology that delivers 3x the results in half the time – at a fraction of the cost.
  • How Silicon Valley really works and what your organisation can learn from startup culture and agile innovation practices.
  • Fix your innovation culture and solve your innovation crises.
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Advanced Lean Startup

There is extensive theory regarding what teams should do to prioritize risks, run experiments, and build a business, but few teams are skilled in execution. This workshop aims to streamline the workflow of teams by pragmatically pushing them into a steady pace of one experiment or research method per week.
This workshop is carefully designed by Tristan Kromer to improve your understanding of lean startup and improving team performance. It will address how to effectively manage a startup’s needs, goals and priorities in a large organisation in great detail. This includes:
  • How to accurately quantify speed and progress
  • Knowing when to bring in support
  • How to manage stakeholders and investors
  • Innovation accounting (yep, you need math!)
You’ll learn all this from an experienced international expert who has started out in YOUR shoes.
Tristan’s training equips you to face the challenges of innovation project management and to develop an eye for different needs, goals, and priorities. Beyond the coaching and hands-on exercises, all attendees will work directly with real startups in an unscripted setting to see the theory in action.


You do not enter a room and leave, you embark and enjoy an experience. We want you to connect and collaborate with the trainer. That’s how we design the workshop. That’s why we limit the number of participants.

 You will get :
  • Access to the online learning platform full of handy resources
  • Free access to the Real Startup Book
  • An expert trainer with real-world experience
  • A recognized thought-leader and frequently requested speaker

Two day workshop by Tristan Kromer

The workshop is a two-day program on how to work with Lean Startup in large organisations. So, how do you start a Lean Startup program or project? How do you manage such a project? How can you get leverage on the enterprise’s assets like marketing and distribution? These types of questions are central to this workshop.


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    Companies & Organisations we have worked with:


    Tristan Kromer

    Founder Kromatic

    Tristan helps product teams go fast. As a lean startup coach, Tristan works with product teams and innovation leaders around the world to apply lean startup principles to teams and innovation ecosystems. Tristan designed lean startup programs such as the Build or Die Bootcamp for TechBA (Mexico) and the Lean Reactor (Belgium). He has worked with companies ranging from early stage startups to >$1B USD revenue companies (Swisscom, Pitney Bowes). Tristan regularly speaks and gives workshops with organisations such as the Stanford Center for Entrepreneurial Studies & D-school, General Electric (GE), and more.

    Rob Aalders


    After working in banking and government, Rob launched several innovation ventures. He was involved in the funding and coaching of dozens of startups and companies, before starting his own company. He worked with several Fortune 500 companies on strategic investments. For over three years, Rob has supported large enterprises, startup communities and startups to grow faster.

    Event partners

    The workshop will be held at Plexal: the innovation centre in east London
    that brings startups, scaleups and corporates together to break new technological ground.

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