Finally, make your ideas happen and do what you have always wanted. But jumping into entrepreneurship is scary. In this training, we guide you in a structured process to discover the entrepreneur in you. You will find out, what to do, where to focus on, and how to find assets. All past based on startup proven methods. Why shouldn’t you become an entrepreneur?

In partnership with the Triple Crown
Business School of Maastricht University (UMIO)


Do you want to FOLLOW  the dreams of others or
LEAD your life?

Minimize uncertainty
Almost anyone dreams of being self-employed, but few want to the uncertainty. In this training, you learn how to mitigate your personal risks.

You learn while you start building your business. No history lessons, but real-life experiences.

Now or never
No better moment, to make the seemingly impossible happen

Go your way!

You discover your entrepreneurial spirit.

You find out how to unlock unknown resources

Learn to create something people really want

Ways to minimize your risks

Smart work: automate and digitize your work

Your purpose
Wouldn’t it be great to make a real impact? To help people solving problems and at the same live your life, and earn good money? People dream of making their ideas happen, but few have the guts to take the lead and shape their own lives. People fear to jump in the unknown, but it does not have to be that way. You never learned to be an entrepreneur in school, but there is a lot of knowledge and experiences that can help you in your journey.

Who should attend?
Everyone with the will to become an entrepreneur has passion and just needs a bit of support to start.

This track is designed for those we dream of being independent and are passionate about an idea.

Dirt on the hands

Our trainers open up their otherwise locked expertise as an entrepreneur and advisor to large organizations and startups.

Maximum 20 participants

We limit the number of participants so you can connect and get support directly from the expert

Online Platform

Tired of putting time, effort, and money into training that’s forgotten soon after it’s delivered? Before the workshop you can prepare yourself and afterwards you have all resources in one place.


This a frequently asked question. You are among the many that dream of becoming independent and do it better. Unchain from your job, and unlock your potential. Although, many people struggle, make the same mistakes and just lack the skills for a speedy start. And that is where we come in. You do not need a business plan. You not a business. We first develop your idea, test it, run experiments and then launch within just a couple of weeks.


– The crisis changes all conditions
– There are fundamental shifts in client needs that open up new opportunities.
– Make the right decisions. Unnecessary mistakes in these times will be fatal.
– Make your business lean, agile and responsive. The time is now.
– Position yourself for new growth in the Low-Touch economy

What we’ll cover

In this fast-paced, training our experts will guide you to develop your business in an agile way, since you want to respond in the best way to client needs. As an entrepreneur, you need to guide your clients through these uncertain times. However, the thinking framework that we were used to, does not work anymore. There is a great risk of making wrong conclusions based on evidence, assumptions, and propositions are based on the past.

Our training is accelerated and results-oriented track. Engaging and aligning all participants in active training. It will help you to design a winning business within 4 weeks and make your way through this crisis in the most viable way possible. Moreover, you will transform your company into a future-ready business.

Get your PDF

    Let’s have a chat!

    and discover together if this training is a good fit for you.

    * Not a single workshop,
    but an immersive learning experience *

    Rich learning platform
    The workshop is just the centre of this learning experience. Your learning journey starts as soon as you sign up. You’ll get access to our rich and friendly learning platform. Here you’ll find all workshop information, curated content on Lean Startup to prepare and after the workshops, all slides and resources. It’s also a trusted place to discuss and learn from each other.

    In addition to gaining access to all this incredible learning,  you will receive a certificate that shows that you have accomplished this workshop.

    Learn from peers and experts
    You connect and collaborate with people in similar roles chasing similar objectives facing similar challenges. Being part of this workshop,  means you also become part of a global community.


    About the program:

    The program is designed to combine the best of methodologies. You will work self-paced online, and you will work with your peers in online sessions. To make your business work we believe a coach to guide and discuss is key, that’s why we offer you a selection of experienced entrepreneur coaches .

    The program is 4 weeks, and you will need 3-6 hours a week.

    Next steps

    If you have come this far, you really understand that strategy is the fertile ground to lead through the crisis. A way to inspire and guide your employees and clients.


    Single : € 699,-

    Team of 3: € 1.795,-

    Prices (excl. VAT), including a team of 3 key ambassadors of your organization. Including all plenary and coaching sessions, all course materials. Self-catering, traveling to your desk and lodging expenses of your bedroom are not included.

    In-house session
    If you want this track in-house, please contact us.

    You can TAKE control of the future or
    LET it take control of you


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