We do not strive for our workshop to be an event. We create an immersive experience for you by putting the learners at the centre and empowering them with the tools and conditions to learn most effectively. 


Real-life challenges

In the workshops you will experience what you really need to learn. You will work on your own projects. 

Peer Learning

Sharing experiences and learning from others who have met similar challenges is a great way to learn.

Curated Content

There is an abundance of content; finding, selecting and organising content can be a real challenge. Our experts have selected that content for you.

Online Learning Platform

Enable your corporate innovators to keep learning continuously. After attending the workshops your employees have unlimited access to our online learning platform. They can learn on demand, where they want and when they want.

Learning experience

 All content in one place, your learning material, your documents you want share and discussions. All in one super user-friendly platform.

Prepare online

Find the information and relevant content so you can kickstart your workshop

Workshop days

Learn and practice based on your real-life challenges

Relive the workshop content

Re read workshop content and enjoy extra’s to deepen your knwoledge

Ask and discuss

Share yourquestions with the group or only with thetrainer.You can even share documents for the trainer to reflect on on your own page.

Recheck the content

No one captures all knwoledge in a workshop. There are kmoments you want to reive and check the content.