About us

We are very motivated and thrilled to make change and impact. Find out what’s driving us.

Innovative people want to improve the world and develop themselves. In corporates and startups these people encounter a great amount of barriers. We want to connect them with the experts. Entrepreneurs that love to train and coach but often are hard to find.

These experts have great knowledge and expertise that is underused, and should be better accessible to make impact in an innovators life.

We connect the experts and innovators in clear formats, so knowledge and experience can be transferred to more innovators.

A platform for trainings and coaches to facilitate learning in a mix of onsite and offsite learning experiences. We believe we get the best out of people when we combine human interaction with digital support services designed in bits.

The key elements in our way of working are:


Innovation is about humans

At the core of every successful company are people who are enabled to innovate continuously, like a well-oiled machine. Innovation isn’t just an ingrained trait geniuses are born with, it’s an active skill which can be acquired through discipline. In order to continue to grow, survive and thrive as a company, you have to keep building. To do that, you need to create an environment which encourages talent and creativity. Dynamic companies which nurture the development of creative ideas and encourage continual learning are the ones currently dominating the business world. To play in the big leagues, you don’t need to spend big money. To help set your company or start-up on track to be competitive, we offer workshops designed to cultivate entrepreneurial skills in corporate leaders and employees .

Real-life experience combined with scientific knowledge
Innovation isn’t something we’ve just read about in comfortable university lectures. We live and breathe it as a state of mind. Everything we know, we’ve learned through first-hand experience of running our own business ventures and mentoring other start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. We’ll show you how to experiment low-cost and find out what fails so you can do what succeeds instead by delivering the products and services your customers really want. Waiting for brilliant ideas to hit you is like waiting to win the lottery and in business, timing can be everything. Stop waiting and let us teach you how to turn ideas into growing businesses. Seize them before anyone else does.


Global network
Innovation is about people. That’s why we have built a networked model of trusted senior thought-leaders and world-leading innovation practitioners.

Together we aim to provide complete solutions to the challenges faced by our clients.

Rob Aalders


Rob has extensive experience working in government as well as the cutthroat world of banking. He has hands-on experience in funding and mentoring dozens of startups as well as large-scale enterprises. He has also being involved in the development of strategic investments for several Fortune 500 companies. For over three years, Rob has been increasingly immersing himself in the support of startups and businesses of every scale to help them increase their growth exponentially. In between doing all this, he has also successfully launched several of his own innovation ventures.

With over 10 years of experience in innovation working within corporates, government and startups. He has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies on strategic projects. Rob also founded a disruptive new business that has profoundly impacted markets and market strategies of market leaders. Rob gained industry expertise in Telecoms, Internet, Smart City and Local Government. He has created accelerator programs for market leaders, universities and startup ecosystems. Our expert workshops have been attended by world-leading enterprises such ING, Bayer, BASF, Siemens etc.

The way I like to work is: Fast Feedback Forward Fun Fierce


Startup Spirit offers innovation services to corporates, incubators and accelerators. We offer training sessions (Innovation Academy), workshops and design intrapreneurship and accelerator programs with the support of a wide network of partners. As an agency we serve clients with coaches, trainers and speakers. We combine the fast rhythm of a startup environment with the efficiency of strategic consulting. We believe in experience and excellence, so we only work with the best.

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