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Grow your critical skills and mindset 



Innovation Masterclass

Intensive training to equip you with the essential skills, tools, techniques & mindset required to innovate products & organization.

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Lean Startup Fundamentals

Learn to apply this innovation process to gain crucial customer insights and create tangible value.

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Advanced Lean Workshop

Specialise in Lean Startup while developing your analytics, innovation, stakeholder management and business skills

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If training and coaching aren’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change. 

Dirt on the hands

Our trainers open up their otherwise locked expertise as an entrepreneur and advisor to large organizations and startups.

Maximum 20 participants

We limit the number of participants so you can connect and get support directly from the expert

Online Platform

Tired of putting time, effort, and money into training that’s forgotten soon after it’s delivered? Before the workshop you can prepare yourself and afterwards you have all resources in one place.

* Learn from the best and with fun *

Our workshops are designed for you and NOT just another event.  You will connect and collaborate with leading experts and exchange experiences with your peers facing similar challenges.

They will teach with battleground experience and they know how it feels to be in your shoes. Our approach is based on what works, and not what the books tell you. Learn the new methods and tools, and build essential skills. 

We exist to help individuals and teams grow. We empower people with the skills they need to stay relevant & adaptable in a fast-changing world.

Our unique way of developing learning experiences helps ignite curiosity and foster organisational cultures that embrace learning, innovation & technology to thrive in the digital era.

* We help people gain highly relevant skills *

* Support you to be ready for a rapidly changing world *

The acquisition of skills needs to happen faster than the rate of change. Otherwise, skills gaps won’t be fixed. 

Our training & coaching philosophy is to fundamentally change the mindset of the individuals and teams we train while working on hard skills acquisition.

In our experiential learning tracks you will bring your real-world projects and experience creating and capturing value, not passively learn about others who have. Build knowledge by doing and delivering the first real results.

* Get the skills needed to outperform the competition*

More than a workshop

Most workshops are just an event, we put you in a learning experience.

 work with renown experts and tap from their experience

Access to our online learning platform with resources

Connect and learn from peers on a personal level


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